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Personal Mentorship is the key to hack the civil services exam.

It involves structured test series, answer writing practice and individual feedback sessions.
This programme involves three levels of rigorous training for those students who have already completed the basic level of preparation for General Studies 

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Level 1

General Essay
The aspirants is put through a intense essay writing practice which covers various socio political
issues which can appear for the mains exam. Ideally the students is given fifteen essays which spans
across various topics related to Political Theory, Socio-Economic aspects, International affairs,
governance etc.
The student’s progress is systematically analyzed in terms of choice of words, time management,
structuring of content and organizing of thoughts etc. 


Level 2

The student is made to write a series of tests related to the four core subjects; History, Geography, Economy and Indian Polity

Level 3

The last level of the programme involves the student being put through an intense personality
development session preparing him/her for the Personality Test for Civil Services. This level is an
intense 50 hour one on one interaction with the aspirant before he faces the real test in front of the
UPSC board. 

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