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Political Science and International Relations (PSIR) has been one of the most coveted subjects by the aspirants

Choosing the right optional subjects is one of the most decisive factors in clearing the Civil Services Exam.
A signifying weight age of five hundred marks implies that the aspirant should leave no stone unturned to score the maximum marks in the optional subject. 

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The dilemma of picking the right optional subject from the list of 26 is quite a daunting taskl!!! Personal interest and flair for the subject, syllabus, success rate and its

correspondence with the General Studies topics are the usual parameters negotiated to settle on with one among the many. PSlR has a remarkable combination of static

and dynamic subject matters like political philosophies, theories, social structures and international affairs.

its mammoth overlap with the General Studies syllabus!!! While a good reading of Part A In Paper [Is sure to assist the students in Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude and History modules, Part B of the paper is perfect combination of Indian Polity and Social Issues. Likewise Paper II offers again a dynamic mixture of study of different global political systems and contemporary international affairs.

A serious aspirant you consider PSlR as his choice of optional is sure to make a mark in the interview. The integrated approach towards the optional will for sure help the

students to connect to various current events and hence present his/her opinion in a coherent and logical manner


Personalised mentorship

Mentoring relationships one of the most crucial ingredients for conceptual clarity and lucid presentation related to various themes in the subject. Smrithl social science enthusiast and research scholar who have been guiding and mentoring civil services aspirants for over seven years. Her in-depth and articulated discussion with students on different subject matters helps them to develop their own viewpoint and present their opinions In a poised way

Comprehensive and distinct study material

Substantive and intrinsic answers always capture the attention of the examiners. The best way to make your answers stand out is to make sure that the content is concise with contemporary relevance. At lAS BRAINS we make sure that the student’s effort to create impressive answers is effectively augmented by the inclusive and well defined study material that is provided throughout the programme

Top notch test series and answer writing modules

Rigorous answer writing practice with periodical tests and evaluation in our PSIR programme issure to prep up the student’s confidence in approaching the exam. Persistent test writing exercise helps the student to get the better of time management and structuring of answers, personal feedback and brainstorming sessions will guide the student to interlink different contemporary affairs to various theories and concepts in the subject.
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