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At the early level of a career, only some people have a clear vision of what they want to become. Unlike two decades ago, there are now enough options available to us. Students and parents are as well getting aware and updated to let their pupils set their career goals at the apt age. The most important question that frequently arises is about the right age to start IAS preparation.

As per the UPSC standards, the minimum age to appear for IAS candidates is 21 years. Typically, kids fantasized about the honor and pride of serving the country when they see people close to them. The power an IAS carries and the honor he receives from society are one of the major reasons that pupils at an early age dream of serving their nation. By that time, most of the candidates give up the idea of looking at the high level of competition in the IAS examination and low passing percentage. Howbeit, many students want to pursue their dream but they are clueless as to when they should begin preparing for the IAS exams. It is essential to note here that preparing for the IAS exam and appearing for the IAS exam are two distinctive things.

Some students, who have a clear vision of their goals and objectives, begin IAS exam preparation right after the SSC while some wait for completing their graduation. In this blog, we’re discussing and finding the answer to the question – what is the right time and age to start IAS preparation?

Preparation for the IAS Exam from the Age of 16


It has been normally seen that kids are inspired to join civil services in case any of their family members are IAS or IPS officers. In that situation, they get better guidance as well. Such students don’t wait to complete their graduation and start preparing for the exam at the age of 16 years further after passing their board exams.

Since they belong to a family of civil servants they understand the level of intelligence required and the efforts required to be put in by the child. The advantage of starting preparation at an early age of 16 is that they get enough time to understand the selection procedure. They would be able to build a strong foundation required for cracking this exam on the first attempt.

Together with benefits, there are some catches also. UPSC exam pattern is not static; it keeps on changing from time to time. The syllabus, subjects, and pattern might change by the time the students reach age 21 when they become eligible to appear in the exam. Yes, it is better to prepare the basics! Another thing is that students in case after the preparation of 5 years (From the age of 16 to 21) unfortunately fail, and the level of frustration is pretty high.

Preparation of IAS from 18 Years Age – A Perfect Age

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18 is the perfect age to embark on the journey of IAS. This is so because at this age students have done with their school exams and stepped into university for pursuing graduation. Students pursuing IAS studies together with graduation can choose common subjects in both courses. This will be beneficial in both courses. Many students prefer 18 years, to start with, IAS exam preparation. This is also advantageous in choosing optional subjects in IAS exams. This will lower the stress level and help with time management.

Beginning the preparation for IAS at the age of 18 increases the probability to crack it on the very first attempt

Preparation of IAS from 21 Years Age

Some students are there who wait for the finish of their graduation and then begin preparing for IAS exams. Further graduation, IAS aspirants can give away 100% time to prepare for the UPSC exams. We have numerous examples in the list of IAS toppers who started their preparation at the age of 21 and now they all are acknowledged IAS Officers. They are as well eligible to appear in the examination and plan their studies according to the latest pattern. Many students do a part-time job together with preparing for IAS exams. It is suggested to focus just on exams unless it will be a financial call to do a part-time job.

The level of expertise, maturity, and sincerity toward the exams will as well be high at this age. The vision of the students is apt and they will be more determined to crack this examination.

Wrapping Up

Well, there is no specific age for starting the preparation for IAS exams. It all depends on a person, his financial competency, and the level of mental skills to grasp things. However, it is advised by the experts that starting it at the age of 18 is ideal because students will get enough time for planning and studies.

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