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Since the syllabus changed, sociology has been one of the most enchanting optional subjects among UPSC aspirants in India. Each year, several students are opting it and get good marks not just in this optional subject but as well as in easy and other parts of GS papers based on social issues. The reason is very simple and easy. Neither had you required to learn any ‘Rocket Science’ nor any kind of technical knowledge is required.

You will get good marks even in case you write layman answers. The factor that matters in the exam is your understanding and your demonstration. That’s why the significance of sociology in UPSC is eternal. Sociology is the study of Society and it provides a deep and clear understanding of our society and what every UPSC CSE aspirant is provided. Because ultimately, all UPSC CSE aspirants would have to work for this society just and understand the importance of sociology. If we talk related to the current scenario of Indian Society, where all are enforced to live under the threat and fear of COVID-19, the study of sociology is concerned and essential as a ‘Sociology of Pandemic.’

So here in this blog, we will discuss the different aspects of Sociology in general and particular which are vital for a UPSC aspirant.

History and Relevance of Sociology in India

Our Indian Society is one of the earliest societies in the world. From Indus Valley Civilization to its advanced days, it has witnessed many transformations. It has constancy, durability & tolerance in its nature. It is the framework of many racial and ethnic groups. ‘Atithi Devo Bhav:’ is the aim of Indian society. Most invaders came and Indianized themselves straight into Indian culture. They contribute to their own culture and language, which creates the Indian society’s world’s most diverse civilization and highlight the Relevance of sociology.

Here, Individuals are religious oriented and the caste system is the root of the political system. The Party manifesto doesn’t play as vital a role as religion and caste do. Though, in the earlier few years, we can discover some changes in this political pattern of Indian Society. Now economic development is playing an important role in making and eliminating the government. As much as the Loksabha election of 2014 or the latest Delhi assembly election of 2020, Sociology studies the reasons and consequences of these transitions in the life of the people living in this society which are brought by this process of development.

Development has been one of the aspects of sociology since the beginning of this discipline. Development was at the point of the origin of sociology when capitalism triggered the Industrial revolution all around the world. The industrial revolution changed the whole life of the people but on the other hand, society had to face many challenges as well. As an outcome, there was a requirement for a science that can study the challenges behind these developments and Sociology is the result of this. It is one of the new disciplines imported in 1838 by Auguste Comte. The sociology of development has been an essential element of the sociological study of stratification and inequality particularly gender inequality in society. This point out the relevance of sociology, Since so many in the Indian society are facing all these transformations and ups and downs. To understand the reasons and consequences of this ever-changing process, we are required to understand the Indian society and the nature & problems of its people completely, from its beginning to the present so that we can as well as find solutions to them. Sociology is just a science that provides a wider outlook for it. Finally, all these facts and factors clarify the importance of sociology in UPSC as an optional subject.

Advantages of Sociology

A Great Scoring and Safe Alternative

Sociology is a high-scoring alternative and at the same time a safe option. Safe in the sense that you will get marks even in case you write something relevant to the topic asked. A point of 180-200 is always possible with this option. As well, a great score of 350+ is possible.

Popular Choice

The subject is famed among IAS aspirants. Among the top 10 rankers, you will locate at least one candidate with the optional sociology. It is as well performing consistently over the years. Other popular subjects such as Public Administration and Geography are seeing high and low-performance years.

Simple Syllabus

Sociology is actually about society. The method people play their roles, the consequences of their actions all over society, the various institutions of the society, the impact of government decisions on different communities, etc. are dealt with in the subject.

Helps in the Interview

Awareness of distinctive flaws in society and the influence of governance on communities will come in handy during the interview. It will make you appreciative and realistic in the interview session. Sociology will aid you in having that knowledge.

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