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Every aspirant out there planning to appear for the UPSC exams, knows that the pressure to get everything right builds up in a continuous manner.

It is definitely not something that anyone can achieve in a single night. It can take as long as a few months to even a year or more to prepare thoroughly for the UPSC exams.

The ones who have figured out a way, as to how to study and how to remember everything that they learn, or rather read, it is definitely a boon.

However, many students really go through this entire drill where they are still trying to understand the exam pattern, or knowing what to read and what to ignore.

So, if you are someone who finds it extremely difficult to set up a good study strategy, is absolutely unaware of the learning techniques required to crack the UPSC exams, and doesn’t have a great memory, then rest assured.

We are here to help you through your struggling phase and guide you with some really good and tested techniques that would assist you to learn in a much better way to prepare perfectly and conveniently for the UPSC exams.

Learn as if you are talking to someone, or teaching them

So, this means that once you are done reading a specific topic, make sure that you read it as if you would have to explain it to someone in a very simple language. For example, take someone who has absolutely no idea of the topic. Learn it yourself first and then try to explain it to them. If the person understands the topic effortlessly, then you are successful and can easily be able to recall ideas without much of an effort in this case. 

Learn with Visual Ideas and Mind Maps

Visuals are always considered and proved to be a better way to remember things, or rather concepts. It is certainly a great idea to visualize every word you read and create simple mind maps that allow you to get creative with your ideas and then help you revise and memorize concepts easily. Simply try to create a sequence of topics related to the one you are learning and make simple connections that would help you memorize them easily.

Keep your study hours shorter and constantly keep changing your topics

If has been usually observed that students who tend to spend a lot of time studying, are not able to concentrate properly. Therefore, it is highly advisable that you keep your learning hours shorter and try to focus in that short span of time. If you think you are losing your focus, simply take a break and move on to some other topic for some time. This will give your brain enough rest from the specific topic and will freshen you up when you come back to it after a while and after having read something else.

Keep revising at regular intervals and keep testing your knowledge

Well, this is not some regular exam that you can easily crack by revising just a night before the exam. The portion is like an ocean. Revising it would certainly need some time. It is indeed a better idea to invest some of your time in a week, or say two weeks to revise whatever you have learned so far. 

And then you can even try testing your knowledge with the help of regular test series or mock tests that would help you know where you stand in the competition and what topics you would need to work on more.

Learning more and remembering more is simply going to add a lot to your pool of knowledge

Well, in the end, you really have got nothing to lose. You simply need to make sure that you keep adding to your vast pool of knowledge and that this knowledge is going to make you a better person, a wiser human being, (smarter as well), and most importantly, is going to help you crack one of the toughest exams out there.

All you need to do is prepare a good study strategy, or get assistance from someone who can help you take the right foot forward and make this entire learning journey quite an easy one.


Learning at IAS Brains will help you not only apply the right techniques to learn and prepare for the IAS exams, but will also help you groom yourself in a very holistic way. The Experts here take you through the entire portion with ease and make the learning journey extremely easier for you.

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