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Anthropology Optional is becoming a famous choice for aspirants especially students from a science background. The preference increases by the virtue of its scoring capacities. There are strategies for each subject to complete all topics. It differs from person to person. It has broad spheres, containing arts, humanities, science, social sciences, etc. 

Few Tips to Remember:

For UPSC, the first thing to try is past year question papers. It assists in practice and it gives confidence when a similar question repeats. Alone last year’s questions can make you confident related to 400 to 450 marks.

We know our durability and low points. Your cramming power should be great because here we have many factual things such as diagrams and all.

Always attempt to give your best in grabbing concepts. Once you can mug up every important aspect every other thing will become relevant and easy to you.

Divide the syllabus into different subtopics. It will lessen stress and aid in making things more clear and more core.

Questions that are written with diagrams earn more marks. Examples and figures in any answer promote much more clarity for examiners.

A newspaper plays a very crucial role in preparing for topics of paper 1 for instance tribes, family, etc. we can use recent issues and join them. Even many government schemes and programs have importance in upgrading the quality of an answer. Always keep a particular focus on answer writing by using the contemporary relevance of that topic.

4 Reasons why anthropology is the best optional subject for UPSC?

Less syllabus

One of the most crucial reasons why Anthropology is considered to be a good optional subject for UPSC exams is that it contains fewer syllabuses as compared to other optional subjects such as history and geography which are popular.

It is one such optional subject in UPSC exams where many popular topics were eliminated from the syllabus like Development Anthropology, Ethnicity, Reproductive Biology, Twins, etc. which created the syllabus very short when we compare it with other optional subjects for instance history and economics that the aspirants who opt for this optional can complete the revision in less time and They can focus on other vital subjects like general studies for the main exam.

At the same time due to fewer syllabi and portions, you may as well have to purchase fewer books & materials to get prepare for this exam.

Scoring subject

Another big reason to select Anthropology as your optional subject is because it is treated as a scoring subject and the questions asked in Anthropology optional subject are normally direct questions. Because this subject is about science so you need to answer the questions to the point, truthfully and There is no room for opinion unlike other optional subjects such as history which means you can write the answers to the point without testing the writing skills you have.

Because it is as well as a scoring subject, the success rate of this subject is pretty high compared to other optional subjects and more aspirants are selecting this subject every year.

The success amount of the subject is 10% and on average in case you prepare properly you can expect to score more than 300 plus marks in that subject 

Simultaneously, there are some questions that get repeated each year in this optional subject compared to other subjects.

But I want to make it very clear that you should do a better amount of research and hard work to know the concept and obtain knowledge in this subject, don’t be in a delusion that this Optional subject can be a piece of cake for you due to it has less syllabus compared to other options.

Interesting & fixed subject 

Another significant reason why you should select anthropology as an optional subject is because it is an interesting subject.

In this optional concept, you will learn related to a lot of things including history, Prehistoric cultures Biology, etc.

In case you are someone who likes to read and earn new knowledge then it can be interesting for you and feel less tired.

You will get to view and draw loads of diagrams and flowcharts.

Plus, this subject is as well as a static subject which means that you just have to read a set of questions, not even topics, to pass the examination.

Because this subject is science-oriented this is why most engineering graduate students opt for this subject as their optional one.

Beneficial in GS papers 

Another big reason to select this optional subject is that it can have some overlapping and convenience in general studies paper 1.

Because it is as well useful in general studies papers which also comprise 250 marks, this can save you loads of time and energy while the preparation because you already have prepared for the optional subject.

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