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One of the top IAS Coaching Institutes in Hyderabad is IAS Brains. It’ s foundation program was created in a way that it gives aspirants a clear picture of success. One of India’s most challenging exams, the IAS requires clear IAS Preparation in Hyderabad and qualified coaching. Students may concentrate on their career goals with the support of IAS Brain’s top UPSC Coaching in Hyderabad thanks to its smart approach, which also provides flexibility for online fee payments.

IAS Brains believes in educating candidates who want to shape their career in the Civil Services about practical and cutting-edge techniques of preparation. In contrast to conventional training approaches, here we mentor the students to make the best use of their time and energy. We have gathered the top professors from all around India for this purpose, and they have all pledged to get the finest performance out of our students.

The goal of the institution which is one of the top 10 IAS coaching centers in Hyderabad, is to do everything in its power to aid in the process of creating the country and to provide the public with the greatest government officials available.

The goal of the institution which is one of the top 10 IAS Coaching centres in Hyderabad, is to do everything in its power to aid in the process of creating the country and to provide the public with the greatest government officials available. Skilled professionals are available at IAS Brains to assist students with any queries they may have. The majority of the instructors are knowledgeable about the exam and are retired IAS officers. The best curriculum for top IAS Coaching in Hyderabad is offered through their idea formulation and interview training programme.

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Benefits of Joining IAS Brains

The Best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad

Our signature programmes offer a comprehensive strategy for passing the IAS exam. We offer a top-notch faculty staff, timely study guides, and distinctive UPSC test series.

Team of IAS Expert Faculty Members
Our team puts in a lot of effort to get the best instructional strategies ready for you. We support a range of teaching methods to ensure that students understand all that has been covered in class. We look into everything and cherish each and every student. Additionally, our instructors deliver lessons through video lectures, examples, and even Q&A sessions. Each student has a chance to respond. 

Personal Guidance
For this exam, candidates from various academic backgrounds are involved. Try as you might, trying to fit in a general approach to studies can become complicated and exhausting. You no longer need to worry if that applies to you. We make every attempt to comprehend each of your tales individually before moving on. You are currently competing for that position. That puts you under a lot of stress. We don’t want you to compete with us in a rat race. By guiding you, we hope to lessen your anxiety and stress. We even provide you with specialized classes if the circumstances call for it.

Batch Size
We think that reasonable class size will result in complete class efficiency. The learning process is constantly hampered by overcrowding. Students will be able to communicate with the teacher more effectively in this way. Additionally, since there are fewer students, teachers can have one-on-one interactions with each student. We also have batches just for you in the morning, evening, and on weekends. Having multiple batches has allowed us to assist you more quickly. Our motto is “quality over quantity”!

Study Material
High-quality IAS study material is mandatory for all IAS aspirants to have. Additionally, we offer a wealth of pertinent materials for your review. They can be read and used as notes. Through an All India NCERT-based Test Series, we cover the fundamentals. With the All India Current Affairs Test Series, current events are given particular attention. There are hard copy and digital versions of all reference books, including NCERT texts. Daily newspaper analysis and publications are also provided.

Past Achievements
Since we started, we have helped more than 1000 students who passed the UPSC exam. We have developed from a small tree to a massive one. The number of students has increased, and this trend is far from over. Additionally, we work diligently and shrewdly to teach and mentor our students in order to maintain this growth.

Mock Tests
We employ the SWOT analysis, which identifies strengths, weaknesses, external opportunities, and threats, to determine whether or not a student is making progress. We make sure the examinations are original and of high caliber because they aid in gauging both your personal and societal development.

Mock Interviews
For our students, we also hold mock interviews. They experience genuine pressure and learn what questions to expect during the actual interview. We guarantee that these tests are of a high caliber, and some of the top tutors are on the panel. By assisting you in passing the UPSC test, these sample exams will help you succeed.

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Polity only

Polity only

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Fee structure of IAS Brains Hyderabad

Fees of IAS Coaching in Hyderabad

Prelims cum Mains Integrated course (General Studies) : 1,00,000
Mains Test Series: 15,000
Cost of Optional IAS Coaching Rs. 41,000
Mentorship Programme: 30,000

How Effective is IAS Brains For IAS Coaching In Hyderabad?

A good option for IAS preparation in Hyderabad is IAS Brains. It is ranked first among the top 5 IAS Coaching in Hyderabad and is a terrific place to start if you want to get ready for the UPSC Online IAS exam. For the Online IAS prelims, optional Online IAS sessions, and the Online IAS mains, the institute provides the best Civil Services Coaching in Hyderabad. The well-known institution is a one-stop shop for students looking for top UPSC Coaching in Hyderabad and other regions of India. It has the foresight to create a strong candidate and improve this nation.

Modern audiovisual technology in the classroom will help students learn more effectively. Participants can gain useful teaching experience as well as study skills that will help them with their Civil Services Coaching Institutes in Hyderabad. The institution that tops the list of the top 20 IAS Coaching in Hyderabad offers a welcoming, responsible, and goal-oriented learning atmosphere that encourages students to meet their goals and gives free counseling to students. Contrary to other institutions, IAS Brains offers help to students even after they have finished UPSC Coaching Institutes in Hyderabad.

IAS Brains have the best faculty and they have been working hard to come up with innovative solutions to the exam's issues. The institution works with academics who are qualified and committed to its mission and objectives. It makes an attempt to help students accomplish their goals. Students can improve their IAS Preparation in Hyderabad and get a spot on the IAS rank list by utilizing the institute's highly regarded study materials. 

Duration of UPSC Coaching at IAS Brains

There is no set time frame for UPSC coaching, therefore it varies from 6 months to 1 year. 

Admission Open for 2020

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Why Choose US?

  • India's Top Faculty
  • Limited Batch Size
  • Personalized Mentorship
  • High-Quality Study Material
  • Best Rated Test Series
  • Current Affairs Training

UPSC Achievers

Govind Sir’s mentorship programme was a great help for me to increase my understanding on various Socio economic aspects. I want to Thank Smrithi mam and all IAS Brains team for having provided me the necessary guidance to secure the coveted service in UPSC


AIR, 603

I was fortunate to find the the right guidance at IAS Brains institute for UPSC civil services exam. Govind Sir and Smriti mam, held regular sessions for me for almost 3 months. They built the required confidence in me to give a holistic perspective about various contemporary issues. I Thank them and wish them all the best.

Narayana Sarma V S

AIR 33 UPSC CSC 2020

Hi, My name is Mithun Raja Yadav Beri. Secured rank 568 in CSE 2019. I am thankful to my mentors and teachers from IAS Brains especially Govind sir, Smriti ma’am. The interview approach of Govind sir and Smriti madam really helped me improve in my interview marks. I am sincerely thankful to IAS BRAINS team and I admire their approach towards this examination.

Mithun Raja Yadav

AIR 568 UPSC (2019-20)

I strongly recommend IAS Brains for UPSC coaching. Mentorship by them immensely helped me to score high in UPSC civil services examination. Their approach towards guiding students is unlque and highly helpful.

Anumula Srikar

AIR 570 UPSC (2013-19)
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Hyderabad is the best place for Civil Services Preparation in Hyderabad It has numerous UPSC candidates who want to enter the Indian Administrative Service. In addition to having an IIT, the city is developing into a hub for IAS Coaching in Centres in Hyderabad.

In Hyderabad, the demand for IAS as a career option has grown dramatically over the past several years, leading to a rise in Civil Services Coaching Centres in Hyderabad.

IAS Brains is a great place to start your UPSC preparation. If you want to get IAS Brains is a great place to start for the UPSC exam, IAS Brains is great top-notch Civil Services Preparation in Hyderabad for the IAS prelim, IAS optional sessions, and IAS mains.

IAS Brains is one of the best Civil Services institutes in Hyderabad from the UPSC Preparation in Hyderabad perspective.

Fee structure of IAS Brains Hyderabad:
IAS Mains Coaching – Rs. 82,600.
Cost of Optional IAS Coaching Rs. 30,000
Overall Rs. 1,18,000 for 1 yr,
IAS Crash Course – Rs 1,20,000