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UPSC Civil Service Examination is one of the most distinguished exams in India. Every year lakhs of aspirants attempt their luck and hard work. Unluckily, the success rate of the UPSC is low i.e. just some hundred can clear it. Sometimes candidates are found hanging between taking coaching classes or going with self-study. The low success rate of this exam is easy because of the vast syllabus, dynamic exam patterns, competitive nature, etc.

Is Coaching Necessary for Your UPSC Preparation?

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It will be a myth in case we say that coaching is necessary or a standalone vital criterion for your success. Though we as well cannot deny the fact that coaching is not beneficial. It has some benefits too. If you are entirely new to UPSC and it’s your initial attempt, coaching can benefit you.

Taking coaching classes does not depend on you and your time but what makes the actual difference are your hard work, discipline, and determination.

Let’s understand the relevance of coaching for cracking civil service exams with the points given below. But before contrasting the two scenarios, taking coaching and not taking coaching is a condition.

S.NoBasis of DifferenceTaking coaching For Cracking Civil Services ExaminationNot Taking coaching For Cracking Civil Services Examination
1Time Duration for the Preparation of Complete SyllabusCoaching classes take less duration because of the proper guidance and schedule of studiesWithout coaching classes, aspirants might take more time due to directionless planning
2Earning from others’ experienceTaking coaching is good for earning lessons from past experiencesWithout taking coaching classes the scope of preparation is very limited
3Expert’s Point of viewIn case you take coaching for the preparation of civil services, you get to know the perspective of experts and professionalsUnlike the others, preparing for civil services by self by YouTube or books will only give interpretations
4Money AspectYes, for taking coaching classes, money matters. Howbeit, there are many coaching like IAS Brains that offers the best classes at affordable pricesSelf-coaching can save you money but money doesn’t matter in case you really wish to crack the prestigious civil exam.
5Chance to participate in Mock test seriesAll coaching classes conduct mock test series for the purpose of practice before exams and analysis of preparationIf you opt to do self-study, you can be deprived of a chance in participating in mock test series.
6Preparing brief NotesBy taking coaching, students might get help in making short notes for final and quick revision.Doing self-studies and making brief notes is although not impractical but yeah! It can’t be as effective as that created at coaching.
7UpdatesCoaching classes will keep you updated with any change in the syllabus or exam patternIf you select to prepare by yourself for UPSC exams, you perhaps will miss timely updates related to the change in syllabus or exam pattern.
8Networking with fellow studentsCoaching classes give you the opportunity to connect with fellow students. Networking assists a lot to exchange ideas and knowledge.By doing self-studies you can’t take benefit of group studies and are deprived of networking perks.
9Conceptual ClarityVia coaching, conceptual clarity is better rather than self-studiesIn doing self-studies, conceptual clarity is not attained mostly.

Why Coaching is Important for the Preparation of Civil Service Examinations? 

From the above contrast, it is evident that coaching is beneficial for the preparation of civil services. Here are a few of the factors to support this statement. 

Imparting Education in the Appropriate Way 

Frequently what we understand might be different from what we read. For this, we must obtain the right guidance.

Keeping Up to Date is Very Much Required

Civil service is one of the most dynamic examinations among all examinations in India. So, it is very much required that you have to keep up to date with the recent changes and updates in the syllabi and exam pattern, etc. This happens just through discussion in groups for which coaching is the right place to find like-minded people. 

Take the Expert’s Suggestions Straight from Planning to Preparation to Results 

Coaching Centers/Institutes are not run by laymen; they are experts in their specific subjects to give you the proper guidance and apt suggestions. Studying in isolation, you can only save your money but for better and entire preparation for civil services, taking coaching is a prerequisite.


The civil service examination is not a simple exam that you can crack by studying for a few hours on your own in the comfort of your home. This is the exam where students have to develop their whole personality and prepare themselves for the designation that deserves the top level of expertise and wisdom. This can’t be built in isolation at home. Students have to step out of their houses and go to coaching to conceptually, mentally, and physically prepare themselves for this competitive examination. So the conclusion is clear, yes, coaching is very vital for cracking the civil services exams although there is no legal or official provision. Meaning that though it is not compulsory, it is advised

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